Offers pure tone and covers wide area

Surface Mount Pre-amp Adjustable Microphone with Power Light

  • SMT design with professional operation amplifier for signal amplification
  • Audio monitoring up to 164 sq ft
  • Outer power light
  • Linear power supply (transformer) DC 9-12 v @ 20mA
  • Connecting mode: red (DC) black (DC) white (RCA)

The built-in professional operation amplifier in this microphone enhances signal amplification, with an output impedance of 600 ohm, providing pure tone and covering a wide range of area. The monitoring scope reaches up to 164 sq ft, but you can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone as needed.

The outer power light lets you know when the microphone is in use to validate that audio is being recorded. This versatile microphone can be used with both video recorders and IP cameras.

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